What to Watch Out When Dating

Where do I begin with directives on what to watch out when dating?

There are so many things to watch out for when dating – especially in gay dating world. I know you are excited because you may have found a man who you . Think is the man of your dreams. Well, there is a small possiblity that he may be just that. There is an even bigger possibility that he is not. Possiblilty that he may be your future husband and the father of your children. Even bigger possiblity that he may be something similar to “Jack, The Ripper“.
Sometimes, the very things that we are looking for are the very things we need to be aware and on the look out for.

Example of person not watch out when dating

For instance, if a man does a little too much in the beginning, watch out! Now, he may be a really nice guy. He may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes and have an agenda for you. A man may buy you an abundance of expensive gifts immediately after he meets you. Please, consider this a major warning sign. This man has an agenda for you. He has a plan and it is not because he loves to see you smile. This man knows that you like nice things and may feel that you are in the need of nice things. You will take advantage of your love for material gain and use it to his advantage to achieve his agenda. He will try to blind you with gifts and spending money when he realizes that you have a weakness for material gain. Even if you do, do not show it.

Watch out for a man who never takes you to his house. Sure enough, some men are protective of their homes and may want to make sure you are not the stalker type before he brings you to his home. After enough time of dating, you know, when he knows that he does not have a problem with you stalking him, he should be taking you to his house. It should not take over a month or so. After that, you may consider the possibliity of him having either a wife, girlfriend or living with his mama. If we are beyond college years, living with his mama is not a plus.

Watch out for a man who has children but you never hear or see them around him and you spend alot of your time together. This probably means that he is not a very good father. That is a sure sign that you do not want to have children with him.

Watch out for a man who takes care of his children but always complains about it

Watch out for a man who is too forceful with you. If he “plays” physically with you. You know the kind of “playing” that leaves marks and bruises behind? Well I hate to break it to you but that wrestling match will, and I mean will, turn into an Ike and Tina relationship. This is usually the beginning of an abusive relationship, believe me, I know.

Watch out for a man who does not take you out on dates at all. He is probably not serious about you. Partner does not want to even spend quality time with you. He just wants to have sex with you and not even take you out to show you off. Person will act like he is busy until late at night. But, he goes out in crowds with the boys all of the time. You also got to watch when he takes you out but it is always in the boon docks. You know, where no one else goes. I know you maight want to have a private outing, but not all of t he time. He may either be ashamed of you and you are not his only one.

Ladies, we have to be smarter in 2008. We have to know who is really trying to be with us for the long haul or who is just using us and wasting our valuable and precious time.