The Dating Game: Game on or Game Over?

Just Met at the dating game

At times, men and women get overly excited when playing the dating game; they believe they are compatible with. The man may shower you with attention, ask many questions and enjoy getting to know you. The woman may ask questions, enjoy the attention and tell her friends about him. Curiosity sets in, and curiosity is part of desire and a want and need to know something and both men and the women forget about being grounded. Sparks fly, thinking clearly becomes overrated and stubbornness sets in. Both become determined to take it to the next level. The biggest issue here is both parties are not thinking rationally. While many want to believe in love at first sight, love and relationships are much more than that. Two individuals cannot use curiosity and desire as the base of a relationship. It is a great starting point, however, not a lasting one by any means. The key points to any romantic encounter are to keep things interesting, build trust over time, enjoy each others company, remain grounded, and never over think the situation.

The Dating Game

The game begins on the first date and even before that in some cases. If there isn’t a first date or talk of one, do not pass go, do not even begin the game. It is not worth your time. Nowadays, both men and women are so easy to reach it becomes boring before it even starts. Too much contact, too fast, will lead to failure before physically meeting – Game Over.

The date. Suppose the date was amazing. You meet and a definite attraction still remains, so much so, you cannot wait to see one another again. This aspect is so important because during this time, if you do not want to lose interest, you must know how to play. If the date did not go well at all, take yourself out of the game. No sense in leading anyone on – Game Over.

Signs the date went well include: interesting conversation, constant eye contact, kiss, nice hug, a text message or call afterwards, so on and so forth. Game On. If you want to be a good player, never be too anxious. While women hate to be controlled so do men, if you want to keep dating, do not try to be too demanding and or anxious to see one another again. Take it slow. You will wind up losing if you seem too needy regardless of the other persons actions, let them be cute and aggressive, you take a step back and enjoy their attention.

Tips for a smooth game

Emergency Brake – Always know when to stop. Again, too much, too soon gets entirely too boring and annoying. In today’s day and age there are far too many ways to contact one another. Let’s name some: Twitter, FaceBook , Instagram , Google +, text messaging, email, FaceTime , instant messaging, etc. There is no need to be friends on all of these social networking accounts. Send one message, if they want to communicate they will get back to you. It becomes extremely annoying when one party sends, a text message, an email, a Facebook update all regarding the same topic. Regardless of how much you have been communicating, at times people need their space. Never take this to heart. What was meant to be, will be.

Don’t be Available

Continue your likes and interests. This is what makes you interesting and unique. Never change your plans for anyone. Being readily available at all times makes you seem desperate. Never feel bad for not being able to change your plans for the other person. When two people like each other they will make time for one another, time that is mutually arranged. If you are available at the other person’s beckoning call, you are boring. This advice also ties into the “Emergency Brake” tip, if you have something to do, leave your phone in the car. No sense in constantly checking for messages and NO need to explain yourself, EVER.

Never Lead Anyone On

Be mature. Know what you want in the dating game. Don’t waste someone’s time if you have no intentions. At the same time, if you do not feel comfortable answering someone’s questions, be open and honest. Always be polite. If you feel things are moving too fast, they probably are. Don’t try to find out too much about each other too soon, that is the whole purpose of gay dating. Also, never over think the situation. If you enjoy someone, don’t hold back your feelings. You are not going to like or want to make everyone you date a long-term scenario. Don’t lose a potential prospect based upon fear.


Have a game plan. If you truly have feelings, try to hold back slightly and let them lead. As I had mentioned earlier both men and women like to be in control. Ladies, let the man lead or at least let them think that they are “winning” or “in control.” Men do not like aggressive women. They like independent women. There is a big difference. It is okay to allow him to believe he is in the lead, if he truly cares, he will not lead you in the wrong direction. It is either that or lose him. I feel that when a man truly meets a woman he cares for he doesn’t want to hurt them. Always keep your eyes open, know your surroundings, your plan, and remain grounded because those whom do not care will get the best of you.

Remain Friends after the dating game

For some reason things do not work out, don’t be upset. Some of the longest lasting relationships begin as friendships. Take a step back, if they want to be your friend, consider it. You may be able to re-connect in the future. In the meantime, don’t take yourself out of the game. Don’t stop dating and NEVER wait for anyone.