10 Tips for Gay Online Dating that works in 2021

Online dating sites are on the increase, providing individuals an excellent opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of other people. All without leaving the comfort and security of their own home. Whether you’re looking for love and romance, or just a special friend to talk with, these 10 tips will make your online dating experience an enjoyable one.

Keep personal information private:

Last names, phone numbers, and addresses should be kept to yourself. Keep this information out of your public profile if you don’t want middle of the night telephone calls, or unexpected strangers knocking on the door.

Choose an appropriate screen name:

Unless you’re going to use your actual first name, choose a screen name that’s in good taste and represents you in a positive way.

Keep profile pictures real at online dating sites:

If you’re going to post a picture of yourself, make it a current one. Should you eventually decide to meet your online date it can be difficult erasing 20 years, dropping 60 pounds, or explaining the absence of hair.

Telephone numbers should be closely guarded:

Don’t be too quick to give out your telephone number. A couple of online dates aren’t enough to know someone. Make sure you really want the calls and remember that addresses can be found from phone numbers.

Online dating sites don’t need your address:

Why does someone need your address? They don’t. Unless you’re absolutely certain that you want this person to have it, keep it to yourself. Even if you decide to meet, make that first date someplace public and save your home address for another time.

Establish the parameters of your conversations:

Make it known what you’re willing to talk about and what you’re not. If you’re not interested in talking on the telephone, never want to meet, or have specific age limitations, be upfront with that. Some of this can be included in your profile information, if you like.

Ask questions, lots of questions:

If it looks like you may want to meet in person, then this is the time to find out everything you can about your online date. Use the time wisely and cover it all: relationships; health issues; financial problems; employment status; drinking, drugs, and criminal records. Ask here what you may not be comfortable asking in person.

Don’t be afraid to get personal:

What are there sexual preferences? This may not be the first question you’ll ask, but it’s definitely necessary before going into personal meetings, or deeper relationships. Surprises in this area can be very difficult to deal with at a time when you’re least expecting them.

Always be who you are at online dating sites:

Don’t try to be anyone other than yourself. It’s too hard explaining away tattoos you weren’t supposed to have, cars that you’ve never owned, or that you’re 20 years older than you said.

Don’t ignore your instincts:

Pay attention to your feelings. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Innocent flirtations could lead to serious relationships and light hearted chats can develop into long term friendships, but don’t rush to make it any more than it is. Relationships are built on trust and there’s no better place to get all those skeletons out of the closet than when you’re online dating.